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Why Handwritten Notes In Business?

Pen and Paper with Handwriting

I did some searching on the internet and found many posts about the positive impact of using handwritten notes instead of electronic communication. You can read one of those posts here. This article lists some benefits (specifically within a business context) of sending handwritten notes.

Where To Start

Technology is probably a part of our lives and businesses for the long term, including modern forms of communication like email, SMS, and social media. But it seems that there is a lot of agreement on the idea that mixing in some handwritten notes can have a positive effect in a business setting. So why not seek to rise above the crammed email inboxes and intangible text messages. Try doing something different that will leave a lasting and positive impression on your customers or clients.

Take a little time out of your workday on a consistent basis to handwrite a note to someone. It might be a top customer or a new business prospect, or a long-time business partner. Maybe you want to start by writing one note a week. Or perhaps you are feeling more ambitious and choose to write one note a day! The key isn’t necessarily to start out in a big way. The key is just to get started. You could even begin now by jotting down a list of people to whom you want to write a handwritten note. Then cross their names off the list as you write to them over the coming days and weeks.

What To Write About

What are you going to write to these people about? It could be a simple “thank you” for their business. It could be a note or card withing them a happy birthday. If you recently had a meeting with someone, you could write a quick note letting them know that you appreciated them taking the time to meet. I’m sure that if you give this a little bit of thought in the specific context of your own business, you can probably think of many more applicable scenarios for writing a handwritten note to someone.
So what are you waiting for? Make that list and start writing!

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Happy writing!